Product Description

Complies with CENELEC EN 50436-2. Fast warm-up, detailed log, easy download of log, finger print reader, touch screen and more.
Alkolock 740 WAB is a wireless alcolock that is made of two parts – one hand unit and one central unit (vehicle unit).
Driver emit a breath sample into the handset that through radio frequency communicate with the central unit in the vehicle. The vehicle will not start if the alcohol content in the breath (BrAC) of the driver exceeds the permitted blood alcohol content. Information about breath samples are stored with date and time stamp. The alcolock is user friendly and easy to install or remove if necessary, for example when changing car.

• Wireless and portable battery powered device
• Advanced fuel cell sensing technology
• 2.8 inch colour TFT display with tough interface
• Easy-to-use graphic interface with buzzer prompts and instructions
• Offers various language options
• Electronic Counter Circumvention Measures (ECCM) to distinguish between mechanically simulated and human breath samples
• Secure wireless data communication 868 MHz or 915 MHz with 128 bit AES encryption
• Wireless database download from the unit in the vehicle
• GSM communication for real-time reporting (requires Autowatch Telematics integration)
• Ability to connect to 16 vehicle immobiliser units
• Integrated finger print biometric identification for up to 16 users
• User Pin identification
• Fully configurable through Autowatch configuration software
• Pin protected menus
• USB compatible charging of the breathalyser unit
• Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
• Single on/off button with status LED
• Single Emergency Start with reset pin
• Disposable hygienically wrapped mouthpieces
• Ergonomic design

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