Innova AB with it’s sister company Mobilsystem AB have more than 15 years of experience actively working with fleet management. Today the company has an established position with high credibility concerning mobile data and environment friendly transportation. Mobilsystem AB has developed both hardware and software, designed around market needs, legislation and modern logistics. After a long period of improving and fine tuning our program we can today proudly present a complete system with stable and easy to use tools for daily use. Because we produce our own hardware and software we can offer low costs and the possibility of swift technological development and customer adaptions to suit your needs.

We have delivered more than 2000 vehicle installations during the past years. This has given us a lot of knowledge about different types of vehicles, from simple passenger cars to complex research vehicles. The company can bring a wealth of knowledge and can assist with technical competence to help with evaluations and information gathering.



Innova started in 1978 as a consultant and technical company, developing control systems for automation and terminals for time reporting.
1990 Innova started working with visitor counting systems for stores, shopping malls, busses etc. and has since then developed new products and solutions eg. new sensor techniques and systems for counting bicycles, trucks, cars etc.
1999 Innova bought Mobilsystem and developed systems for car sharing and fleet management.
2004 Innova started developing alcolock and ISA equipment (for warning when you drive too fast) which has been delivered to several municipalities.
Since then we have been delivering our systems to customer all around Sweden and developing our systems together with our customers.
The last few years we have been developing a new scalable system for combination of ISA, tracker, alcolock and car sharing system with focus on cost effective solutions that are easy to install.